Amanda Kriebel DPT

Affectionately described by many as an innovative holistic Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Stylist, Yoga Teacher and Writer, Amanda treats patients with creative movement philosophies, specific manual techniques and breathwork to optimize your goals. This powerful collaboration of therapeutic tools plus her positive and caring nature inspires access to the tenderness and vulnerability that injuries reveal. Amanda shares her knowledge through writing health related articles, publications for websites, as well as spotlight interviews for acclaimed professional athletes and inspirational women. Amanda offers a fresh approach to defining what health means to you in order to investigate where true healing lives. She helps you navigate your therapeutic journey to balance the elements of being human.

As an athlete and adventurer on a health quest, Amanda is dedicated to promoting wellness and longevity within her community and via technology globally. She also works with professional snowboarders and surfers and assists the sports medical team at World Surf League events. 

Laying on the Floor Completely Changed My Life

DAMN. Life is better with yoga. Moving and breathing. Feeling and healing. But what many don’t expect is that I practice yoga specifically for Savasana — aka corpse pose. In fact, it is renowned as the most important pose. I teach yoga to thoughtfully guide my students to this pose so they fully receive their practice. The inhales. The exhales. To rest in a haven of sacred stillness. The journey to Savasana is different everyday as well as the experience in it. It’s a process and a practice. I

Defining Health: How to Navigate the Light and Dark of our Health

What does “being healthy” mean? That’s the question Amanda Kriebel tackles in this personal essay about moving from an unwell darkness to the sunshine of wellbeing. She shares actionable advice for how to follow your internal compass and discover what works for you to function optimally. I sit awkwardly on a sunken brown plaid couch with foam padding oozing through tattered seams. I don’t see mold but I smell it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a ghost lived in this damp, hollow house. There is blar

5 Words Athletes Should Keep in Mind Through Recovery

Raise your hand if you are in “recovery mode.” Recovery mode has many forms. From a hard workout to a late night out on the town, a long flight, the flu, or recovering your home through an unexpected remodel after a water leak (yep, that’s me), to deeper recovery wounds like the loss of a loved one or of course, recovering from an addiction. The list goes on. We are recovering all the time in varying degrees of intensity and we are even in recovery mode from the daily demands of life. So what d

This 5-Minute Breathing Exercise Will Train You for ‘Optimal’ Breathing

Our breath sustains us. Our breath is our life. Do you feel like you occasionally need a “time out?” A moment to yourself, a step away from the reactionary mode, a breath, and a moment to observe and reassess? I know I certainly do. This healthy, sacred escape is vital to rewire and even regulate our chemistry. When you see a child upset and crying, you may say, “take a deep breath.” Or when you yourself are trapped in an emotional whirlwind, you may consciously take a full breath. This sweet

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Shares How Strength, Determination, and Self-Love Have Propelled Her to the Finish Line ·

Lindsey Vonn is the most successful female skier EVER, in the world, in history!! This speed queen has a dream collection of glamorous and impressive accessories including; Two Olympic medals, 81 World Cup wins, 20 World Cup season championship titles and SEVEN World Championship medals. When she is not training countless hours, she is visualizing about what gives her life a pulse, SKIING. Being in the mountains and being on top of the world is a familiar place for Lindsey as well as on top of c

Air Supply: The Sacred Escape of Breathing

Our breath sustains us. Our breath is our life. Do you feel like you occasionally need a “time out,” to have a moment to yourself, to step away from reactionary mode, to BREATHE, to observe and reassess? I know I certainly do! This healthy, sacred escape is vital to rewire and even regulate our chemistry. When you see a child upset and crying, you may say, “take a deep breath.” Or when you yourself are trapped in an emotional whirlwind, you may consciously take a full breath. This sweet pause

ELENA BROWER: On Creativity, Journaling and Life

In her new book, Practice You: A Journal, Elena Brower invites us to gather our own wisdom through writing, self-inquiry, and reflection. Practice You is a portable sacred sanctuary to play, create, record fleeting gems of insight, find our ground, clarify our dreams and goals, bear witness to our evolution. Read on for Amanda Kriebel’s interview with Elena below and our giveaway of “Practice You” here. Feeling blessed, ever-so-slightly frazzled, but proud of the fact that I remembered to bring

Courage to Soar | Simone Biles on Her New Book, Longevity, and the Food She Can't Live Without

Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in American history. Standing a mere 4’8” this woman’s competitive spirit dazzled the world on the grandest stage in Brazil with five medals: four gold, one bronze, and setting the record for gold medals won in a single Olympics in gymnastics. Recently, Simone was awarded not one but TWO ESPY’s: Best Female US Olympic Athlete & Best Female Athlete. Also in her back pocket are a combined total of 19 Olympic and World Championship medals – 14 of them gold

Tenacity | The Paddle of Life

The sun is out but the ocean is icy. My breath forms in the air. I paddle to the wave’s momentum. My body feels stiff as I sluggishly connect my feet to the board. I catch the wave. No amount of yoga is going to unleash my body freezing up like an inflexible figurine. But I love this, riding on mother nature’s powerful canvas. Feeling the feels of being frigid, the water piercing through my wetsuit, yet the warmth on my face, the limitless view before me, and the expansiveness of my breath. I am

Own Your Glow | Soulful Living with Latham Thomas

Author of the best-selling book Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to a Fabulous and Abundant Pregnancy and creator of Mama Glow, Latham Thomas is the go-to-guru for a modern holistic motherhood journey. She is leading the forefront of the Maternal Wellness Movement as a birth coaching doula, pre/post natal yoga teacher, nutritional specialist, and devotee of radical self-care. She is a highly sought out lifestyle expert and has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Fox News LIVE, CBS News, and featured in a myriad

A 5 Minute Ritual That'll Put You In The Zone Every Single Day

The world won’t end if you sit down for a few minutes and do nothing but breathe. This 5 minute meditation from mindfulness pro, physical therapist and Our Body Book contributor, Amanda Kreibel, will get you focused and calm by the time the water is done boiling for your next cup of matcha… The eyes are the window to the soul. When we close our eyes and omit our external surroundings, what appears? We switch to seeing the internal landscapes within our being. There’s a whole world in there! We

Open Your Heart and Protect Your Heart Health

I toss those words around as a yoga teacher and it’s a cue I hear frequently from my teachers. Or we practice “heart opening” yoga poses. What does it even mean? What are we really trying to open anyway? Last month was “heart month.” But let’s honor our hearts all year long. Let’s celebrate this faithful little muscle that has the monumental responsibility of keeping us alive. It brings us life from its first pulsation at 21-22 days after conception until our last breath. The heart, like a high

For the Love of Movement

I love to move! Move as in exercise, although I love to actually move as in locations too! I have lived on both coasts from Philly and Jersey to California, as well as in the heart of the country in Colorado. My Mom recalls I was crawling into the ocean before I could walk. I was motivated by the ocean back then, and I still am! Flash forward to now, my profession as a physical therapist revolves around helping others regain movement and achieve their functional goals. As a yoga teacher, I assis

Support Your Mind and Body with Yoga Props

Two weeks after one of my best friends died suddenly and tragically, I hurt my shoulder in the yoga pose Urdhva Dhanurasana/full wheel pose. The shoulder is symbolically connected to the heart and I knew what this injury was revealing to me. Even though physically my alignment could have been incorrect, I was fatigued emotionally ~ my heart was broken. Now, three years later as my healing process is still unfolding, I finally revived my full wheel pose with the support of props; two blocks for e

4 Yoga Poses to Relieve 'Tech Neck' Pain

How often do you look down at your beloved phone? Perhaps you are right now! A study showed that on average people look at their phone every six and a half minutes, that’s around 150 times a day. YIKES! And then, how LONG do you get caught looking down in the scrolling game? On average a person gazes down at their phone for two to four hours a day, that’s close to 700-1400 hours a year. YIKES AGAIN!! Not only is the repeated motion of cervical flexion/looking down wreaking havoc on your delicate

Spotlight Interview | Gabrielle Reece on Body Image, Longevity & Smoothie Bowls

Are you on a learning quest and curious to know what propels legendary former professional Women’s Beach Volleyball champion Gabrielle Reece? You’ll find her rocking out in a HIGHX circuit training to obnoxiously ridiculous rap music with her group class, mixing up her favorite SAMBAZON smoothies and… simply being herself, giving her best each day, living her life to be an example for her kids and to motivate those in her sphere and beyond. As a tall athlete myself, she sure has motivated me sin

Risky Progression and the Lotus Flower

I love quotes! I collect them and I find them truly inspiring. Three of my latest faves are about stepping of your comfort zone to embrace risky progression in order to evolve and live your dreams. The definition of RISK (from Wiki) = “the intentional interaction with uncertainty.” There are different types of risks, big ones and little subtle ones, but no matter what the size when you consciously choose to live within the risky challenges and surprising obstacles, you grow! I’m not saying to pu

Is the Cupping Craze for You?

Did you see the “octopus-like love bite” marks on American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps? The purple circles he was wearing were from a procedure called cupping. Even though cupping therapy is quite the trend now, it’s an ancient alternative therapy dating back to the first medical textbook written in 1550 BC. As a physical therapist I sometimes feel like a wizard scheming and plotting all sorts of fascinating therapies and intriguing movement philosophies to concocting an array of lotions and

Elena Hight | American Olympic Professional Snowboarder | “All-American” Inspirational Girl

Born on Kauai, Elena was surfing the waves of Hawaii as soon as she could stand. Her love for surfing morphed into snowboarding after relocating to South Lake Tahoe, California. Now at age 26, she sparkles as one of professional snowboarding’s shining stars. Elena has a long list of impressive accomplishments. She became the first female to land a frontside 900 (a snowboarding jump trick where you spin 2.5 rotations) in competition at age 13! In 2013, she became the first snowboarder, male or fe

Spotlight Interview | Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, "You Are a Badass"

“YOU ARE A BADASS is the self-help book for people who desperately want to improve their lives but don’t want to get busted doing it.” Read on about the badass author whose plan to become a world-famous rock star turned into becoming a rock star writer and self-help coach. Jen Sincero is currently traveling the globe with no address encouraging women to stop doubting their greatness and start living an awesome life! Aw, thanks! I come from a big, loud family and it was basically a competition
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